3 Day Workout Routine

A high rep, 3 day workout routine if you have not got a lot of time during the week or you just want to try a different routine then this high rep 3 day workout routine is for you.

When we talk about workout routines people normally say this is a 3 day, 4 day etc. workout routine, but if you have just started training then you might think that this has to be done in a week on certain days for example Monday, Wednesday and Friday which is fine, but I find it better to think of them as workouts i.e. workout 1, workout 2 and so on. This way if you miss a workout you just push it to the next day or so because when I was thinking of working out on certain days if I missed a day then I would leave that workout out and go straight to the next one. It is up to you how you want to do it but I find this way helps me best. it’s a bit of advice you can think about.

The w/1 stands for workout 1, workout 2 so you can write your weight you used in so you can keep progressing and not forget what you have been doing.

Also I have added any ab workouts to this workout you can add them at the end of any of the workouts.

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Exercise Sets Reps Weight Weight Weight
w/ 1 w/ 2 w/ 3
Bench Press 3 25
Incline Machine Press 3 20
Machine Flys 2 30
Barbell Curls 3 20
Machine Curls 4 25

Exercise Sets Reps Weight Weight Weight
w/ 1 w/ 2 w/ 3
Barbell Press 3 25
Front Raises 4 15
Side Raises 4 15
Skull Crushers 4 15
Tricep Push Downs 3 25

Exercise Sets Reps Weight Weight Weight
w/ 1 w/ 2 w/ 3
Hyper Extensions 4 15
Lat Pulldowns 3 20
Seated Cable Rows 3 20
Leg Press 3 25
Leg Extensions 3 20
Leg Curls 4 15

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