How To Gain Weight Fast
For The Hardgainer.

Think you are a hardgainer and want to know how to gain weight fast then you will find all the answers you need in within this website.

My name is Kevin and welcome to my site. I started this website for one reason and one reason only to help people that are in my situation, meaning that you find it really hard to gain weight and build muscle.

I first started trying to gain weight and build muscle when I was about 23. After years of being slim, skinny, thin whatever you want to call it, finally I had enough of not having the confidence to take my shirt at the beach or anywhere, there was one point that MADE me want to pull my finger out and build muscle you can read more about my struggle behind building muscle and gaining weight on my about me page.

If you are just starting out or you have been trying to gain weight and build muscle for a while then this website can help you achieve the physique you want.

Are you one of those people who find it hard to put on weight, you try and try and try, work your butt off but for some reason you can’t?

Here you will find great information on muscle building nutrition and nutrition for athletes.When I talk about hardgainers or ectomorphs ( more on somatotype’s later.) I mean people who find it so hard how gain weight fast.I do not mean people who just can’t be bothered to go to the gym or eat properly and use that term as an excuse due to laziness.

If you are a hardgainer then at some point you might have asked someone down the gym who looks like they should be locked up due to the size of them, because you assume as they are big they will know what to do, some of them might know, but most of them wont as they do not know about our body type, have a look at what the term ectomorph means.

Take this for exampleHow many times have you heard this?

"You just have to eat more"......

"People like you just can’t get big"......

"You must be doing something wrong, it’s not normal.

The people who say all these are the genetically gifted, people who could only train half a year and still make impressive gains (people that annoy me!)

Along with all the insults, which could fill a whole page, it’s enough to drive you crazy? You might have realised now that I too am a hardgainer and that is why I have written this website so I can give you the tools, help and encouragement you need to reach your weight gain goals.

I do not want you to spend years of miss information and wasted time in the gym not to the mention the cost of the supplements you buy, because you think it is the one to make you put on weight or so you are told by the supplement companies.

On this website you will find good honest information on what weight training supplements to choose, including information on the the best protein powders If you need to consume any weight gain powders.You will also find out about the different testosterone supplements you can take to increase your testosterone levels naturally.

If you are on this website then you must be interested in building muscle and learning how to gain weight fast.If you are just starting out or you have been trying to build muscle for a while I’m sure this website will help you achieve what you want to achieve, how to gain weight fast.

I will show you the best free bodybuilding routines. Or you can upload your own bodybuilding routine to help others.

If you are tired of all the bodybuilding diets in magazines where you have to eat 2 cows 5 chickens and a field of oatmeal and that’s just for breakfast, have a look at the hardgainer diets here or you can upload your own diet for other people to see how to gain muscle mass as someone else will get good ideas from your diet and hopefully if a lot of people upload their own diets then we can all share knowledge and reach our goals quicker.

If you train right and eat right you too will know how to gain weight fast and build muscle, you are now probably thinking "yea I’ve heard it all before". But trust me if I can manage it anyone canYou just need the right knowledge and know how to apply it to your everyday routine.If you read this site and take in all the information on it you will then be able to make informed decisions on how to gain weight fast and build muscle.

All your answers on how to gain weight fast are just a click away.


Eating the right food is so important in gaining weight, if you want to know how to gain muscle mass you can upload your diet and help everyone to see that nutrition is the biggest part of gaining weight.

With all the different supplements and information out there what weight training supplements should you be buyingand using if you want to gain weight fast.

6 pack abs—who doesn’t want them? While many people today covet a sexy flat stomach, most don’t know how to achieve it, but with my help, your determination you’ll have no problem in getting your six pack abs to show.

Bodybuilding for beginners get started, get lean, get muscle.